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- YOU Will Get On Average Three (3) Exclusive General Market Analysis Videos Each Week.

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- YOU Will get real-time continued education since all videos are recorded with education and in-depth explanations in mind. YOU will get all the new in-depth educational videos. YOU will also get the future educational videos as regards concepts/set ups/methods that I have yet to find time to record, and any new ground breaking concepts that I am still researching and back-testing.

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Unfortunately, people tend to abuse free trials by repeatedly subscribing with fake account information. We have to qualify members first to assure that the community is made up of only the most quality traders. Providing a free trial makes it very hard to weed out the traders who do not belong. However, we provide a 14-day money back guarantee so that everyone has the ability to “test drive” risk-free. If at any point during your first 14-days YOU feel that The Stock Picking Service is not for YOU, please let us know and we’ll gladly provide YOU a full, no questions asked, immediate refund.


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To cancel your product, YOU simply cancel from your end, or email us, or call us toll free and we will quickly take care of YOU - no questions asked. 1 (800) 603-3824.


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Your subscription will automatically renew at the current list price. Or, YOU can cancel any future billing at any time with no obligations. YOU keep your current special rate as long as YOU are a current subscriber - your rate NEVER goes up.


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