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PLEASE READ THIS!!! quietly introduced to clients 70%, 87%, 71%, 63% and 66% of the TOP 50 STOCKS of 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 (including all the top 7 stocks of 2007) before they made their initial moves!! publicly predicted the market crash of 2008 in a Youtube video two weeks before the market crashed (see the video below). perfectly called the March 2009 lows when everybody was extremely bearish (see the video below). In 2010 picked the #1 US stock gainer (APKT +424%). picked 3 of the top 6 US stocks in 2012. profiled the top 2019 percentage gainers with 4 of the top 5 US stocks, 7 of the top 10 US stocks, and 14 of the top 18 US stocks (including the top #1 and #2 U.S. stocks of 2019). In 2020 picked 15 of the top 17 US stocks (including the top #1 and #3 U.S. stocks of 2020) and 49 of the top 60 2020 US stocks. In 2021 picked the #2 top U.S. stock of 2021 and perfect timing for leadership cryptocurrencies like Ethereum which surged 540% in 2021. As of March 2022 had already picked the #1 and #3 U.S. market top gainers. For the year 2022 selected the top 2, and 5 of the 6 top U.S. stock market gainers. Keep in mind that 2022 was the worst year since 2008 with the NASDAQ down 33% and Bitcoin plunged 64%.  In 2023 picked for clients the #1 top U.S. stock of 2023 (see the video below). Is Excited To Deliver Similar Results In 2024 For Clients!



One of our very happy clients recently emailed us the following: "Hi Eric, Thank you for your prompt and helpful email. I would like to say that it is a pleasure to join your service. I have enjoyed your youtube videos for some time, and I find it extraordinary that YOU GIVE SO MUCH TO THE TRADING COMMUNITY FOR SO LITTLE REWARD. This is truly admirable, and the knowledge you share is way beyond anything that is available. A different league, and totally down to earth. Thank you for all you do. With kind regards, Paul."





From: Eric Muathe
Thursday, 11:56 a.m.


Dear Friend, 

After spending six very intense years studying thousands of “before and after” stock charts of the most powerful and outrageously profitable stocks over the last 4 decades [by the way I am not talking of stocks that gained 50% – 100% in under 12 months; I am talking of stocks that EASILY gained anywhere from 200% to 2000%in a few months]; the secret of identifying future stock market leaders moments before they exploded was discovered!!


YOU should please keep in mind that we discovered this secret almost 20 years ago. You might wonder what we did after we unearthed this monumental money making stock market secret. Well, we did what any totally obsessed team would do - we went back and looked at all the thousands upon thousands of hall of fame “before and after” stock charts we had looked at before finding the life changing secret so that we would confirm that our findings were rock solid and unshakable.


Finally! Discover The secret That’s Got Money Managers, Hedge Fund Managers, Traders and Individual Investors In Over 84 Countries Actually OWNING The Next Top US Stocks Just When They Start Moving.


To push the envelope even further, we spent months of sleepless nights looking at the kind of stocks that only returned 50% - 100%. Even though these returns were considered mediocre most investors, including so called professional investors, would kill for them. Could this secret principle guide us to stocks that easily made say: 200% - 500% while avoiding stocks that had a relatively smaller return? We also looked at the uncountable number of “before and after” stock charts of the stocks that lost investors’ money.


The conclusion (and this is a biggie so kindly pay attention); applying the secret principles will by default lead you to nothing less than ridiculously profitable stocks JUST as they begin to rally; while avoiding the universe of weak laggards and moderately strong stocks!!


Strangely enough over the years markets have evolved but our secret for timing explosive stocks has remained the same at its core. A few tweaks here and there over the years but the two simple traits that launch mega winners going as far back as the early 80's remains firm. It turns out our discovery is infallible - the passage of decades has not changed it. The powerful secret requirement for all winners on record (including future winners - based on our experience) is so simple it is unbelievable.


There must be a reason why the world's leading software developer for the individual investor wanted exclusive rights to our secret!!


Wall Street is a complex confusing place so many financial sources propagate, understandably, the same confusion. It does not need to be that confusing and complex. At some point champion stocks will start moving quietly and powerfully - luckily knows how to spot them.


Today’s markets are as uncertain as ever. But there is one certainty – that the future is coming. It's no longer enough to simply preserve what you have today; you have to build what you will need for tomorrow. And you can’t wait until tomorrow to do so.


The harsh reality is that you’re being lied to every day – over and over again.


Wall Street is lying to you. The financial media is lying to you even as they devise clever ways to sell you more advertisements - their bread and butter. The talking heads on television are lying to you. Your banker is lying to you. Your local Congressman is lying to you. Even your own broker is lying to you (mostly because he’s being lied to).


Consider: Behavioral science tells us that bankers and politicians are lying to us 93% of the time. And that Wall Street is 13 times more likely to tell a lie than the truth.


They win and we lose because our brains have been conditioned to cooperate in their con game.


But believes you deserve the truth.


And to see that you get it, has done its own in-depth one of a kind independent research into what suddenly breaths life and fire into a dormant stock. The secret conditions necessary to catapult stocks out of their sleep is NOW a thoroughly back tested historical fact - not based on opinions or hype. We will teach you the two surprisingly simple traits that ALL mega winners have recorded in the past before they began to rally hard and long and it still remains a-must-have prerequisite for success in the here and now.’s mission?


To challenge Wall Street’s most widely accepted wisdom of what constitutes a good gain. delights in challenging conventional Wall Street wisdom to unearth consistent double - and triple - digit winners. For the last 11+ years has done just that for clients who follow our recommendations. Because past performance does not guarantee future results all our stock picks come with a 5% - 8% stop loss recommendation.


Stocks that poised to gain less than 50% within 9 months are of no interest to us when the greatest moneymaking machine of all time is practically quietly producing monster movers each week.


Along the way, we’ll also expose the profit trends others simply don’t have the experience to detect.


Bottom line, the investor with an edge always wins. And getting you clued in is our top priority.


So dear friend take the time to browse the rest of this page as I showcase a sample of our body of work since the early 2000's. If you stop and think about it then it will most definitely become obvious that has an amazing and unmatched track record.


May be I should point out that at its conception had one MS Civil Engineer and two MS Chemistry brains behind it. This scientific background has served us very well since our methodology and service is based 100% on the technical aspect of a stocks potential. No hype, no word play, no emotional abstract theories - just the facts.


It is thrilling to still observe that what moved stocks decades ago STILL remains true today. Stocks that trash the competition all display the same simple, yet powerful, traits.


If we do you a disservice it is because we fail to convince you of how much money our service can make you. Remember we are experienced stock pickers with no marketing experience. Personally, I would rather be researching stocks than writing this. Our poor marketing approach is a failure you should overlook. Just consider the precision of our stock picks; picking the #1 US stock for many years - an almost impossible accomplishment; not to mention amazing major stock market and cryptocurrencies calls in 2003, 2008, 2009, 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and early 2022.

Obviously It is understandable If you are skeptical. So don't just take our word for it. Here is a quick snapshot of what other people are saying publicly...





















Don't dismiss the notion that you are reading this. You are here for a reason!


Otherwise Go Ahead & Keep Exploring Below...






























































































































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TESTIMONIAL - 'Make a Donation' Or 'Tip'






TESTIMONIAL - Quick Profits







" - Far And Away The Best Stocking Picking Service On The Internet!" - Bert


[ Subscriber - As Appeared On His Blog]

You’re probably wondering why a computer geek is writing about a stock picking service. That’s a fair question. Ever since the early 90s when the Internet first became popular to the masses it has been host to a plethora of financial outlets. From the financial information stalwarts like the Wall Street Journal and Investor’s Business Daily who have used the Internet to further their readership to hundreds of other companies who have thrived in the new Internet age like,, and

With so many voices all saying something different the question becomes who should a wise investor listen too? It has always been my conviction that to succeed at anything you have to find someone who’s successful and just follow them. And after having lost a sizable chunk of money in the tech bubble and subsequent crash in the early 90s I resolved to never make that mistake again.

For several years I subscribed to financial newsletters and was really excited when I found there was a company that actually tracked and reported the performance of nearly 200 investment newsletters. That company is Hulbert Financial Digest and an online version can be purchased from for $99 per year. I've been a member of Hulbert’s online service on a couple different occasions and have gone on to purchase some of the higher performing newsletters. But even with some of the best stock pickers supposedly on the planet my returns have always been okay but not great.

After having said all that, in late 2008 when the markets were sputtering I stumbled on a web based stock picking service that has far surpassed any investment advice I've seen anywhere. Eric Muathe from is a man passionate about the markets and stocks and thanks to him and his extraordinary stock picking ability I've doubled $7,000 since January 2009 making about 10 trades per month.

How does he do it? Eric Muathe has a science background and bases his stock picking soley on technical analysis as opposed to fundamental analysis. In other words he takes a scientific approach to the stock market and is obsessed with stock charts.

I can already hear some of you asking, if Eric Muathe uses technical analysis why shouldn’t I just listen to some other technical analyst or buy a software program and crunch my own numbers? Eric admits to having studied thousands of charts and after following his advice for several months in an up and down market all I can say is that Eric has an unbelievably accurate ability to predict which direction the market is heading.

Eric believes that the general market direction accounts for about 75% of a stock’s price move and anyone with a 401k knows that when the stock market is rising they make money but when it’s down, so is their life savings. Think about this, where would your 401k be if you had sold In October of 2008 and bought again in March of 2009?

Eric correctly warned his members about an impending crash two weeks prior to the 2008 crash. Since I've been following every update in 2009 Eric has been accurate in predicting every major turn in market direction.

Eric will be the first to admit that the market decides its direction and nobody can know for sure which way it’s going. But from what I’ve seen Eric’s market direction timing may be off by a few days at times but by some extraordinary talent he has shown time and time again that his method of determining market direction is far superior to anything else out there. It’s become almost comical to hear Eric say that the market is going to trend up when everyone else is saying it’s going to go down; and then it goes up. Then just when everyone else is saying the market is going to keep going up, Eric says it’s going to go down; and it does!

Eric’s approach to providing a stock picking service is different than anything I've ever seen. Eric records videos usually three or four times a week for his members. These videos available online can range from 10 minutes to 45 minutes and heshows us exactly what he’s seeing in the charts. In the videos he’ll also give stock picks and let us know where he sees the market heading. Eric’s service would be well worth the yearly subscription price just for his videos but he also uses the Twitter service to give updates throughout the day which anyone can access at and there are premium tweets for paying members. He also sends emails and text messages to his members. This is a far cry from most services that I've paid the same amount or more for that only update their members once or twice a month.

I wrote this article because I believe that anyone who uses the internet and has money invested in the stock market owe it to themselves to at least see where Eric Muathe is saying the market is heading next. Do yourself a favor and check out I’m sure glad I did!



































































































More Unsolicited Raving Reviews



testimonial_russel.gifHe Tripled His Cash In Just Three MonthsHe had a whopping return of +850%.

“I am just writing to say how pleased I am with the service. I have been a happy subscriber since October!!

For traders (like myself) I believe this list is the best source of ideas that you can come across. A lot of traders refer to lists such as the IBD 100 for ideas but the IBD 100 is a computer generated list with stocks that have certain traits, they can be in bases, have little to no momentum or be slow movers as they are not handpicked by eye.

Sorry if this seems like a plug I’m just trying to relay my experience as I am so pleased with the service!

I managed to record a mind boggling +200% portfolio growth in three months after starting with $2500 and taking it to $7500!!

From September to December my portfolio powered further ahead with a stellar +160% in 3 months – yes, in just THREE MONTHS!!

I believe the stocks contained in this site are simply the best and most timely ideas available at any one time on the whole US stock market!” Russel W., England



testimonial_shitaye.gifFor the first time she is Making Substantial Money Solely On Stock Picks

“ was mentioned on yahoo message board by an enthusiastic member. Out of curiosity I clicked on the site and never looked back. Whoever mentioned bless your heart.

Since joining I will let the percentages speak for themselves.

In the 6 months with, the knowledge I have acquired, I cannot put a price tag on. Not only have I learned the trading techniques but also the techniques to be disciplined, to be in control of my emotions and the determination to succeed. Experience is the greatest teacher and I have to thank for my trading experience. I am just terribly happy with the service you provide and intend to stay a long term subscriber. Personally, I have not seen anything that would remotely come close to I would recommend your services to anyone who would listen. I know I am on my way to financial freedomShitaye G., Illinois




testimonial_william.gifHe made $12,200 in just a few hours – he says it almost seemed too easy!! William G., Virginia








testimonial_mary.gifShe has already realized gains of over $70,000.00. She is making more money now than ever! In the first 41 business days since subscribing her portfolio was up a sweat +26.5%. Mary D., California







testimonial_brian.gifThis cruise ship captain made a +193% profit within one year! He now believes that the future looks promising. Brian T., New York







testimonial_alfred.gifThis father of two took a $5000 account to $6500 in three weeks! A +30% gain!! Alfred P., Canada








testimonial_brianh.gifHis portfolio gained +37% in just one month and all he had to do was wait for emails! Brian H., Australia






testimonial_mark.gifThis avid 38 yr. old investor/registered nurse has amassed over $650,000 in the stock market so far and now solely depends on for his stock pick ideas.! Mark P., Ohio






testimonial_johnd.gifThey recorded +109% Cash Gain in 3 Months. They now know where to consistently find tomorrow’s highest momentum before they move. John D., Ireland





testimonial_alfredw.gifHe has already made +1344% in profits while trading at home.Alfred W., Denmark




testimonial_len.gifThis 47-year-old store manager made +240% in profits in one year – after finding the problem with his IBD strategy. Len B., Nevada




testimonial_chris.gifHe generated a whopping +122% return in the stock market in just 13 months, while still running his successful publishing company! Chris C., Hawaii






testimonial_gary.gifHe is happy with growing $1,400 to $3,900 in Less than 4 months. He says that he is definitely recommending us to his friends and co-workers! Gary F., Chicago






testimonial_jignesh.gifThis retiree is up +50 and +60 percent in his two accounts. Jignesh S., India







testimonial_richard.gifThis chief engineer made an incredible +183% return on his investment last year. His Stock Market analysis now revolves around only simple strategies. Richard M., California







IceManWas so impressed with analysis that he has added our FREE commentary on his site since 2007. IceMan, California







stevepicture2.gifSteve has mastered the principles since 2004 and now depends on them while managing his successful hedge-fund in Chicago. He will be the first one to tell you that nothing comes close to the approach. Steve S., Chicago






DavidC.jpgHe [SEE THE VIDEO ABOVE] was so happy with that he invited Eric's family to Key West for a week of fishing - all expenses paid - where we caught four sharks among other fish. Great times!! You go Dave :). David C., Ohio







Even More Unsolicited Raving Reviews



Hi Eric, Thanks for your email, yes I look forward to your updates and weekly videos! I don't know how you keep up such enthusiasm and great ability to share your knowledge in such a down to earth manner. As mentioned previously there really isn't anything out there that comes close to your clear dissection of the charts and understanding of the markets! Best wishes and kind regards, Paul.


Honestly, I have followed many famous analysts who have 500k & 300k followers. None of them gave better understanding to the market sentiment than you. You are, as far as I know, the only one in who makes sense, and understands the market so well. I really don't know how to thank [you], because I have learned a lot from you... Alwaleed.


Thanks for the information. On a side note as I told my wife, I would like to just say "Thank You". Not for the stock tips, even though I appreciate them so much but for something that can't be measured in dollars and cents. Unbeknown to you, you have taught me the importance of being discipline(d) in my trading and by extension in my Life. I have watched you demonstrate the discipline to consistently produce a product for us that is now reaching almost "20 years". Most people lack the discipline and patience needed to reach their goals. I just wanted to say to you this morning, continue to do - what you do. :) Thanks. Jace


Hi Eric, Thank You for FITB and CSIQ! I just caught them in time for the big move(s). It's really great to have access to all your videos and tweets... as a novice... It's great guidance and encouragement. And you have pleasant disposition on the videos. Please and Blessings. D.S.


Hi Eric! Happy New Year! Thanks for doing such a fantastic job! Simply amazing results. Namaste.


I have enjoyed the first year with your service, absolutely invaluable, very educational and always stimulating. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance. With kind regards, Paul K.


Hi Eric, Thank you for your prompt and helpful email. I would like to say that it is a pleasure to join your service. I have enjoyed your youtube videos for some time, and I find it extraordinary that you give so much to the trading community for so little reward. This is truly admirable, and the knowledge you share is way beyond anything that is available. A different league, and totally down to earth. Thank you for all you do. With kind regards, Paul.


GREAT video review today!! Today's review is why I think your service is GREAT! I REALLY appreciate when you do your video alerts when there is a MAJOR market change, more then the normal daily stock picks. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Please, please keep doing your video alerts when there is a market change! Again, thank you! Ameritrader.


Thanks for the quick response. I have learnt a lot from you and your website. Thanks again. chy9686


Dear Muathe, I have been watching and learning from your videos and they had been very helpful and practical... Daniel A.


Just to say many thanks for an outstanding solar sector break out call Eric! Beautiful read. I am a rookie when it comes to trading but thanks mostly to your alert, my account is up about 160% in the last 3 days!!!!! Between solar options and stocks!!! That's just ridiculous. Outstanding job! Keep them coming Eric. Thank you again!!!! dmatrix.


Eric, After reviewing your site etc. I signed up Sunday night and after reading your recommendation on XYZ I entered a position on Monday morning and while the market was down and I lost my other 4 positions when the market hit my stops, XYZ covered my losses and today while the market hit bottom again, I had my best day yet after 4 years of trading because I followed your advice on 2 of your recommendations.You are the man and from here on I shall only move on what you advise, you have a God given talent and I want to thank you for sharing it with us..... R.


Eric, I purchased the, "My Secrets $79.00 package", and it took me about 45 minutes to realize and acknowledge the voids and holes in my past investment practice that have held me back from achieving my financial objectives. I am vaguely familiar with the RSI and MACD tools but I had no idea how important they were in detecting blow outs or opportunities for shorting. What I was most impressed with was your ability to make studying your secrets interesting because you support your secrets with so many illustrations that are easy to understand. Day by day I am getting more involved in aligning myself to your site and I do have some questions I will be emailing to you soon, I hope you do not mind. By the way, if you post this email, I do have two words to pass along to your other subscribers.......BUY IT.......Grateful I remain....R


Eric, I really hit your "secrets" this past weekend and got tired of watching XYZ going up so I jumped on it this morning and with a minus (-ve) 345 market it went up 9.00 dollars. We members are going to get together and hire some armed guards to watch over you to make sure nothing happens to you, "Kidding". GREAT CALL, your word is almost gospel in this house....THX Oh, could you please put my name on that email I sent you in yellow, Ron C. would be fine, I show off your site to my friends when they come over....thx


You are the best website I have found. I'm 66, retired, and trying to support my wife's travel lust with gains in the market. Thanks so much for helping her get out there! Bought smn & skf plus shorted FNM at your suggestion. May the deity of your choice shower you with blessings.


"By the way, I've sent a few peers to your site. Your DSTI recommendation has been a great winner for me and I have you to thank!!" Michael Wechsler, USA


You do wonderful work for your subscribers… they ought to love you!! Dody M.


Mr. Muathe, thank you for your help with my account.  I truly appreciate it.  Everything seems to be working fine now, again thank you very much!  I look forward to learning even more from you.  Thank you for your time and willingness to help me out and teach your awesome concepts.  Tim K.


 "CHEERS for outstanding recommendations on your break outs. I have paid for my membership 10 times over at minimum, earning a substantial amount with MNTA, RADS, MPET, BDCO, FORD and PRLS. Pretty much from the time I joined late March. I would recommend your services to anyone who would listen. And for lack of better words, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart." Shitaye Gebeyehu, USA


"As a professional investor (hedge fund manager) I find your work very insightful. Your work is an asset to all of those who specialize in stock picks....I really wish you the best of luck with your web-site. It is very obvious you have a passion for your craft .....either way, the Muathe B/O is as important a finding to technical research and pinpointing major winners as is some of the best authorities on the subject (W. Oneil for example).......what you have done ,you should be very proud of." Stephen


"Thanks for the heads up on XXXX. I made $4200 on it today. Not bad for a 6 hour turnaround." Terry B.


"Let me say I'm new to this web site and I am now addicted to the site... Thanks." Bryan


"I love the live chat feature and email alerts. Thank you... I'm impressed so far with the picks by the way they look on my charts. I love those momentum and breakout stocks and never really knew of a good way to scan for them, so I think your service is going to suit me just fine!" Starla


"I bought in at $14...have already realized a 25% gain. Not bad for two days. I hope you like wine because you keep this up and I've got a nice bottle of 1999 Cabernet with your name written all over it!!!"
Steve N.


"I am enjoying the alert on breakouts. Keep them coming..."


"I appreciate your returning my call last week and answering my questions. I have gone over your site thoroughly and am very impressed. Your strategy trading site is something new and very informative.Thanks." Charles


"I joined a couple of weeks ago and have bought a couple of breakout stocks you alerted me to buy. The stocks are heading in the right direction and I am very happy." Sik, Brooklyn


"I'm a new Stock investor...I would say I'm very very green when it comes to the world of stocks but I'm very enthusiastic and want to learn as much as possible. I came across your site as a result of some very encouraging comments made on a yahoo message board by a fan and thought I'd give it a try. Well today I bought a Solar energy stock that you recommended yesterday and it soared 31% today. So I will say that I have to faith in your site!!!!!" Mike


"Thanks for the tip on this one. I bought 2,000 shares yesterday and it's up 20% today. Nice and easy $500 in the bank. When I open a bottle of nice wine this evening I'll be sure to toast you!" Steve


"I must say that I have been watching your picks, and others picks , such as StockPickReport.Com ,, ect. and YOU have been TOP DOG in the stock pick circle. Thanks for the wins!!!" David


"I am indebted to you for your patience and your response to my questions so effectively and so quickly. And instead of just words thanking you, here is one more idea for you. An idea came to my mind, which may probably help you. Your service is truly exceptional. I am sure many subscribers have profited a lot from your picks. So, why don’t you set a 'Make donations' or 'Tip' in your website? Basically you will need to set up a Paypal account (, and register with Paypal. Once you do so, your subscribers can give additional tips & donations to you through, when and if they feel so. It will be totally voluntary, but in addition to the cheap mandatory subscription each one pays for your service. I am sure it will work, and will find you much more remunerations for your inspiring service. And once I go a little more into the green, I will be among the first to tip you generously. Sincere thanks." SB


"Thanks for the response and the recommendation ... The profit has paid more than your membership fee in one day!" Keith, New York.


"I have spent 2-3 years trying to master IBD's system. Have had acquaintance with WizeTrade, GorillaTrade and am signed up with IBD and I believe that 2 or more heads are better than one on checking emotions and finding good stocks." R Penner.


"Sending (this email) from Dubai of all places! - English Captain of an Arab's private yacht for my sins! Just wanted to say just joined you, and very impressed with your advice and help - thank you for doing a great job, best wishes!" David


"I must admit that I believe this is the first time I've written to praise an organization. I subscribed to your service last week and initially felt lukewarm about its contents. My first thought that it was worth the money, but the content was so-so. I tried to log on to the message boards, but it wasn't clear to me how to access them. I fuddled around with it for a minute or two and exited the site.


Well, today, I decided to spend a couple of hours browsing through your site. Actually, there are quite a few pages that I haven't read yet. Well, I again visited the message board and was able to finally access it. I was astounded by the content. I typically research on average about 200 stocks for every one that I seriously consider purchasing. I spend about 50 hours a week researching which may result in finding 5 or so stocks I would consider future winners.


My pickiness and "gut feeling" for certain stocks has served me very well as I have been lucky enough to turn an initial investment of $34,000 in late 2002 into 7 figures today. Anyway, in the hour or so I spent on your message board, I was able to find about 10 stocks or so that I would seriously consider putting money in.


Again, I must say that I was very impressed with the board's picks as well as the way in which they were presented. I very much look forward to actively participating in your quest to uncover the next big winners. With a disciplined approach, I believe it is "easy" to trounce the market on a consistent basis. I'll see you online next week. Thanks again for providing such a great service." Jesse, Atlanta Georgia USA [Subscriber]


Your service has been great! I just sold *VA for $4700 profit. I have profited over $16,000 with your service in just three weeks!” Terry B


"I have been a member to for the last couple of months and I am proud to say that my investing style and gains have improved dramatically. I now cut losses if things go wrong, which has cost me dearly in the past. Capital preservation is the first step to successful investing. I have learned immensely from the various weekly articles posted and this is evident in my bottom line. MUATHE .COM is a site that produces results $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. PERIOD." JM


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